Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This installment of In The Flybox features Taylor Streit's Poundmeister. A marginally ridiculous-looking fly (more the result of tier than pattern, with apologies to Mssr Streit) that produces well almost in spite of itself, don't ask me why. It just works! Designed to imitate crane fly larva, truth be told I fish it simply to irritate the heck out of predatory trout, inducing strikes out of sheer annoyance. 'Oh great, not this guy again, I'll show him!'


lead core body: OOOOGAH! dive, dive, DIVE!

olive grey sparkleyarn body, grey hackle backwrapped, showing 6 strands of peacock and wire rib prepped at hook bend.

 Look Ma, I crowded the head again!

As tied by The Man himself

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