Thursday, June 24, 2010

hermosa creek goodness

Sunday proved a day to end all days: Hermosa Creek.  Hermosa Creek Trail runs alongside its namesake a full 20 miles between upper and lower access points.  We opted for the upper access and the moderate tread in the upper 3 miles.  Just right for a Sunday picnic!  Oh, and did I mention there's fish in that there creek?

Camelbacks crammed with lunch and fishing gear, we plunged through the first creek crossing with ear-to-ear grins.  Mountain biking the high country with fishing to boot: I ask you, heaven on earth?

The trail starts out as double track running right next to the creek, gradually narrowing down to single track in the first coupla miles.   Often used by our moto friends, it still is not the type of trail for quads- we found our first Texas wheelchair clogging the trail not a mile from the trailhead.  Flock of citidiots clucking around the stuck Rhino, looking for all the world like a bunch of befuddled golfers, sheesh.

Out of sight, out of mind, thank goodness.  We finally pulled up a few miles in, at a nice little streamside pocket meadow offering equal parts sunshine, green grass, crystal water.
After a quick lunch, we broke out the flyrod for some Jedi training.  The boy was first up, we tag-teamed a few fish until he was able to cast, hook, play his first trout all on his own- a better father's day gift I have yet to experience!   The girl was up next, a bit less familiar with the skilz required in wading, casting, reading the water.  But her instruction proved among the highlights of our day, just a Dad and his best girl sharing time on the water, marveling at a few fish in the process.  Noice!





The catching kept pace with the fishing, we brought a mixed bag of cutbows, rainbows, brookies to hand, the biggest pushing 13".  Maybe 15 landed for the day, not too shabby for a day's instruction, no?

Late afternoon came all too soon, time to mount up, head back up trail to truck and camp.  The boy and the girl both shared camera duties for the day, need to sift thru the raw footage, splice a video together in the next week or so- stay tuned!

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