Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's morning in america again

SW Sunrise - Zion NP Background, originally uploaded by NikonKnight.

Michigan Wolverines return to bowl eligibility after wandering nearly three years lost in a winless bowl-less desert.  A wild, triple OT shootout, 9 lead changes, 2 UM QB's, final 67-65, holy smokes!

Finding my food tastes better, air seems fresher, even the water tastes all the sweeter.  Wait, I did clean my camelbak yesterday...nah that can't be it! :-]


  1. Hello!
    My name is Robin Gate and I works for Sacred Fire magazine. In our next issue we're running an article about a father who is dealing with a very tenuous situation regarding his son's health/survival. During this time he has sought solace fishing in northern new mexico. We need one or two photos to appear with the story and have found a lovely photo of yours on flickr which we're interested in using, with your permission. We are a non-profit and don't have a budget to pay for the use of the photo, but we would gladly credit you and send you a free copy of the issue in which your photo were to appear. We would need a high resolution (300dpi) ideally 8" across photo. The link to the photo we have found is:
    Please email me at at your earliest convenience to confirm receipt of this request and to communicate with me about this! Thank you and all the best. p.s. the photo on this post of your blog is gorgeous.

  2. appreciate the kudos off my flickr account, email sent.

    As for the morning sunrise shot, I agree it is an amazing shot- but the photographer in that case is one NikonKnight listed in the photo caption.

    thx for checking in! Mike