Tuesday, March 29, 2011

and still reigning champ

The boy asked to set up a ramp on Sunday.
fun with plywood
Before we knew it, we had a full scale trials throwdown goin on.
Shredder gettin after it
After great debate, we agreed to judge the competition a coupla ways.

By raw distance.
Will the Thrill showin how it's done
And as percentage of each jumper's bike length.

Dad wins flying away!
(for another year anyway, thank Dog.)

the current and still reigning champion!
by the numbers- 6" ramp, measured to back tire: Dad 109" 156%; Will the Thrill 85" 155%, Shredder 75" 118%.


  1. By calculating averages and percentages it looks like that "D" in the back could have cost you the title. I bet it was down to a couple decimal places to decide the victory. Do you get some kind of cool trophy for your win?

  2. Edit: posted the numbers, and the numbers do not lie. Booya! Yep, my first jump was your typical warmup- testing my courage just as much as the ramp. ;-] those kids now- absolutely fearless.

  3. oh, and my winning jump is out of the picture page right. Really! ;-]

  4. and no-go on the trophy: Victory needs no such explanation, defeat allows none. ;-]

  5. Thanks for the updates. Very entertaining.

  6. Oh... To ramp again... Brings back memories, some good, some painful, but all fun times.

  7. said it before, nothing like a kid to bring out the kid in ya!