Friday, July 12, 2013

yeti demo daze

Yeti cycles surprised us all with their demo tour arriving in ABQ yesterday.

I got the call from Mrs Wulff yesterday AM, having read a posting on FB. Trust me, I wasted no time calling a vacation day audible at work.

We arrived at the TH late AM to find the Yeti guys spread out over a third of the lot, their full contingent of Yeti offerings gleaming in the sun.

Queue sunbeams, angelic hymns, rainbows and unicorns.

Yeti dudes got us all outfitted on carbon steeds straight away, I estimated we rode off on something like $18K in the finest two wheel drives on the market today.

Shredder absolutely luved the SB66 she rode, I've never seen her take flight like that in all her biking life. Will the Thrill as similarly smitten on his first ride with dual suspension. Mrs Wulff, her first ride on a 29r had her recalculating our home sale net outs, yikes.

Having now ridden both the SB95 & SB66 back-to-back, I must admit I was rather taken with the 95, did not expect that.

What a great time~


  1. I love the desert country and think that a ride with the family (who obviously enjoy it as much as you) would be in order daily. Nice essay Mike.

  2. Mike, you lost me at the part where your wife called you at work to let you know of a bike demo. Because that happens pretty much never on any planet anywhere. Skilled photo editing work though to make it all look plausible.

    We actually drove past the Yeti rep and their giant Yeti trailer up in Santa Fe the day before. I excitedly started yammering about cycling and wondering out loud about how many bikes they might have loaded into the back. This confused the otherwise awesome Mrs. Dirt who thought I was babbling about a past winter yurt trip. I explained what Yeti was which added to the confusion since I 'already have a bike'. Good times.

    1. Ah hahahahaha you soo funny man. You should write a blog or something'. ;-) I would recommend demo daze by any manuf- what a great way to sample current mtb tech on someone else's dime. m

    2. This still cracks me up. You already have a bike- good times, good times.

  3. Hah yes, glad to provide a good laugh.