Friday, January 15, 2010

this just made me laff

I bike to work most every day, the above boulevard outside my office is the one sketchy crossing I make. Not unusual for me to sit waiting for light to change, with most cars blasting by @ 50-55mph, 15-20mph over speed limit.

Soooo, I'm crunching a bunch of shop dwgs this afternoon, look up out the window to see what must be half of ABQ's police force in the parking lot across the street, cherry picking off the speeders. They literally have 5-6 officers taking turns on speed guns, to walk out and direct the offender into the lot, proceed to issue the ticket. Next officer steps up: wash, rinse, repeat. Like shooting fish in a barrel, they had as many as 9 cars in the parking lot queue waiting for their tickets, not once did a squad car give chase. Good day's work I would say.

EDIT: 4.50pm- the guys in the office reporting 52 total tickets issued, 2 escapees, 2 perps arrested. Here ya go fellas~

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