Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Elvis rides!

Those guys at Over The Bars studios were at it again this weekend, working tirelessly to hone their craft. Such dedication!

Lessons learned:
I made a bunch of runs down the same powerline trail in ABQ Foothills South. Used a different gopro mount on each run: chest, helmet, seatpost mount. Did not use the handlebar mount, as I wanted some rider reference in the footage. (Note to self: the handlebar mount seems best option for filming the roughrider team: next project?) Last, I sprinkled in some gorillapod shots with the point&shoot to mix it up.

The helmet cam footage didn't cut the mustard, I look like Gigantor due to wide-angle lens. (I can hear you snickering out there, not nice!) I could also adapt the seatpost mount onto the chainstay, try that, but that would leave the camera hanging out there to catch trailside hazards.

The AVS4You editing software allows you to dovetail music, raw film, special effects all together, you see a sound wave graphic of the soundtrack that makes queuing transitions spot on- you'll see what I mean.

Most importantly, AVS allows you to split and splice footage. I split the chestmount footage in a coupla spots, spliced in other viewpoints that when done, pick up the main footage where we left off. Cool, no?

Next up, fly fishing? San Juan is a callin'~

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