Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shadow Racing

We here at Dry Flies & Fat Tires are honored to announce our site's selection to host the World Premier Video: Shadow Racing ABQ. Schweet! Many thanks to those fine folks at Over The Bars Studios for this exclusive opportunity. We're thinking this vid is a shoo-in for this year's Peabody Awards, whaddayall think?

Now that's what I'm talkinaboud!

Cranked thru ABQ Foothills South trail network again on Sunday, Saturday's footage fell victim to dead batteries, basic operator difficulty (BOD), sheesh. What a difference a bit of experience with the Hero and edit software makes, ya think?

Lessons learned:
Jury-rigged the gorillapod to my camelbak shoulder strap, upside down. Of the 90min ride, I spliced together only the longer downhill runs, leaving approx 10 min on cutting room floor. There is one blasting 1.5 mile run that times at 6.5 minutes, but not enuf serpentine to make it into the vid. By varying viewpoints and mixing stationary and helmet cam shots, I think we're in for more diverse and interesting vids in future~ stay tuned!

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