Saturday, September 5, 2009

Singletracks: Mary's Loop, Fruita CO

ABQ Roughriders

Casting about for some mtb tread for Spring Break 2009, our team cartographer soon latched onto Fruita, CO area trails. On paper, Fruita seemed to offer plenty of singletrack of the adventurous sort, but less technical than Moab- we ought to be able to find something for the four of us to ride allright.

Yes indeed.
Ovelooking the Colorado River

Mary's Loop proved to be the backbone of the Kokopelli trail area, serving as a sweet 8.5mile loop in its own right, but also as a connector to other trails in the network: Rustler's Loop, Horsethief Bench, Steve's Loop to name a few...
Overlooking Horsethief Bench

Mary's starts off with a stiff climb up a forest road, down, then climbing again up a 2-track in the first 2 miles. Topping the second climb, you ride the mesa rim with jawdropping vistas of the Colorado River and the adjoining benches: Rustlers, Horsethief, Steve's in that order.

The tread offers little by way of technical difficulty, it's the dropoffs that'll kill ya. Literally. There are a coupla heartstopping cliffside skinnies to negotiate, one in particular where just imagining negotiating the tread was enuf to make your head spin.
there's a trail over there? Seriously.
this is the wide, safe part.

The entire loop is one prolonged vista, giving you plenty of excuses to catch your breath. ...wheeze ...What, me? I'm just taking in the view- gaak. Excellent signage posts all major turnoffs, getting lost is the least of your worries, so you can really enjoy the total experience.

Supporting any Fruita expedition, you will find the good folks of Over The Edge Sports bike shop. Refuel at the best burger shack in town: corner of West Aspen and Cherry.