Sunday, July 29, 2012

sandia peak epic

It would appear last weekend in Taos took a toll on Team Heitman that lasted into yesterday's sandia peak xcountry race. Caroline placed 4th, much to her disappointment after placing 1st in Taos.

Will the Thrill returned to racing after finally getting over his second set of stitches this summer. Those switchbacks on the course really worked him over. To his credit- he refused to bail and raced better on his second lap around- good job lil buddy!

As for me, I was not feeling it either and quickly bailed from competition to instead chaperone a struggling WTT around the course. Made for a fun coupla laps with my boy rather than another sufferfest I apparently did not need. :-)

Kids still sleeping here at 9am, guess that tells me something huh?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

rio grande cutthroat trout

A man, a bike, a backpack.  Here then, is our story.

rio grande cutthroat trout

Monday, July 23, 2012

river of no return

Well it's true the fly rods have been neglected of late.  :-/

bike down...
With both kids getting into the mtb racing scene read: thank you Jesus! ;-] we have been fairly booked with races and riding, where in past summers we were out chasin fins.  Segue to last weekend's Frazer Mountain Madness, held you know... in Taos.  That same Taos that serves as gateway to all that is good and righteous in our great state. back up
So, coming off a race on Saturday, and seeing how we wuz in da 'hood, I took advantage of the locale to take off into the high country, bringing only the Yeti for company.  See, I had an eye on a neglected two track that just might serve to connect two points of a squiggly blue line.  Between those two points?  The River of No Return.

A man, a bike, a backpack.  Here then, is our story.  Told in images, until the good stuff runs out.

and in between.

Fair warning, you might wanna get that something cold from the fridge, freshen that bowl of popcorn, this may take a while :-o

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Race's end

Those climbs on Frazer Mountain Madness? Hallucinogenic.

Those downs now- turned the Yeti into a sled.

I for one- just happy to have survived, lemmetellya.  But then they give you free beer to apologize- aw, that's so sweet you guys!

EDIT: Still more evidence 90% of success is just showing up. I'd like to thank my wife, kids, members of the Academy.... ;-)

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Kids are starting to hit their stride on the mtb racing scene. Will the Thrill (stitches & all) placed third in xcountry @ Oso High in Angel Fire.

Shredder outpaced her moniker by placing first in xcountry & first in the combined omnium.

They were sooo proud, but maybe not as much as Mom & Dad.

Those kids rock.