Tuesday, May 31, 2011


current and reigning champion, Bolder Boulder 2011
Well, when I meant the boys crushed the course at Boulder Boulder, we had no idea to what extent. Checking the results, we had to double take on our boy's results.

Looks like Will the Thrill managed to take First Place in his age group.

At one of the premier 10K venues in the country.

In his first 10K race, evah!

Join with us in a moment of stunned silence contemplating the magnitude of his accomplishment....

Then lift your mugs of Root Beer, one and all, and lend Will a hearty congratulations on such a stellar performance!

Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah lil buddy!

man that boy can run!

Incredible I know! Will ran with his bigger cuz (standout athlete in his own right) yet Will alternately kept pace and set pace the whole race, to hear them tell it.

Truth be told, we knew the boy could be competitive, as he's taken 1st on a number of occasions in the local 5k's we run. But man!, BB seems to be competition on a whole 'nother level, tell you what.

Still, what absolutely blows our minds around here, is Mrs Wulff's subsequent research into BB course records. Look where the boy's 49.23 time places him in the All Time rankings. Looking like the BB folks are gonna have to update their listing-               you have got to be kidding me!

Wooot woot!

Good work son, we are very proud of you!


I'm a firm believer in karma- sometimes it just takes a while for the wheel to come full circle.

Monday, May 30, 2011

bolder boulder 2011

ready, set, go!
old glory enters in style
For this year's Bolder Boulder Team Roughrider expanded our roster, suckering-in inviting my brother's family along, in keeping with that old adage misery loves company.

Roughriders- ABQ and Denver clans


The kids all ran their first 10K ever, posting respectable times one and all, the boys taking up the challenge and absolutely crushing the course.  Good work everyone!
beautiful venue

What a fun way to get on out there!

60,000 participants
flatirons- what a great town!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Apex Trail

Apex trail offered equal parts big ring misery and downhill elation this AM.  

2700ft of climbing in 3 hours.

I need a nap~

Red Rocks

Group ride around Red Rocks Park in the foothills outside of Denver.

First climb was a killer (has there been any other kind this spring?!)

The beginners in our group had a ball trading ear-to-ear grins on each successive downhill run.

Red Rocks: what a great loop for new and old hands alike!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

tanning elk hide with brains

submitted without comment~

allright, can't resist- with whose brains, exactly?  ;-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What with runoff once again just starting to churn in the Rocky Mountain West, May has traditionally been a mountain bike month here for the Dry Flies & Fat Tires crew. This year's been no exception, lack of local snowpack notwithstanding. 

To better balance May's mtb Yin with some fly fishing Yang, you might think a guy could try his hand at stillwater fishing. But if you're much like me, anything short of tearing it up on a lake makes for tedious, even boring fishing.

Bleh, amirite?

Oh yes, I remain an unabashed moving water kinda guy, seems my own circadian rhythm rises and falls with the coursing of my favorite streams.  No apologies, no retreat, never surrender.  ;-)

So while I'm out laying down tracks this month, I thought I could appease the Dry Flies fanbase out there (hi Mom!) and break the glass on the emergency fly fishing StoKometer.

From April's snowy trip up on the Ark- Salida, CO: release the hounds!

weird, huh?

worthy adversary
frosty morn
emergency fly-tying field station


my favorite- on cell phone no less!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

falling in love all over again

Managed to hit the slopes between soccer games today.

Judging from the empty TH at Tunnel this afternoon, I'd guess most of my fellow mtb enthusiasts have already moved onto the higher climes of the Sandias or Sangres.  Or unlike mad dogs, Englishmen, soccer dads, they know how to get out of the midday heat.

As for myself, what with caddis fishing and roadtripping, I'm just now getting around to rekindling the passion for that schweet, schweet singletrack of Otero Canyon, after a long winter season away.

Today's ride started out more like a backstreet brawl than love affair, with those climbs on Tunnel and Otero working me over as payback for my lack of attentiveness.
switchback breather

Once topped out however, I was pleasantly surprised by that reroute the National Forest folks put in to switchback your way back down into Otero proper, adding maybe 1/2 mile to the descent.  The new route's still a bit loose, in a few weeks it should be bedded in, and FAST.  

Nice improvement, in my book.

And barreling down Otero and Tunnel with absolutely zero opposing traffic to hinder your descent?  

Pure, undistilled awesomeness.

fresh cut singletrack, yum
On a sidenote, they're already starting to close nearby forests here in NM due to the crispy dry conditions.  We ABQ riders better make the most of it before we lose our best local riding, and with the season just getting started! :-[


keep the rubber side down, mis amigos~


good morning!

 Perfect latte, aahhhhh.  Gonna be a great day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DGO mtb

mountain biking the urban edge on the way up to Fort Lewis College

As you might have guessed, we had a blast in DGO over the weekend.  Things worked out well enuf on both soccer and mtb fronts, so a guy couldn't ask for more from that road trip lemmetellya.

Saturday's menu: Horse Gulch-Telegraph Trail-Crites-Sidewinder-Anasazi-Stacy's-Meadow, on up to Fort Lewis College.  

heading down Crites
Crites Connect was a new trail for me this goround: schweet mix of flowy, swoopy, sometimes chunky singletrack all in one.  With all the changeups, you gotta keep yer wits about you if you want to stay connected to your steed.


highway to heaven

You make a bit of a compromise coming down Crites to then ascend  Sidewinder.  I've found Sidewinder proves most generous on the down, the ear to ear grins never seem to let up.
sidewinder vista eastwards towards pagosa springs

Sidewinder on the up, tame enuf.  That is until you get to the backside of Telegraph Ridge, ugggh.  What a killer hikeabike!  Note to self:  take Sidewinder down here on out!

Anasazi's end with Horse Gulch in foreground, snow-capped san juans beyond
Telegraph topped once again, Anasazi awaits!   Always a thrill to be riding that knife's edge between screaming descent and an OTB ejection. ;-)
met a new friend on the trail
Which leaves just Raider Ridge on my list of yet-to-be sampled in the Horse/Telegraph network- gettin there!  Explored access to Raider's a bit, no way I could've gotten it done at the end of my ride, looks like I'll have to put that one off til next time.

Soo many trails soo little time- better put Durango on your list!

Sunday, May 8, 2011