Tuesday, January 25, 2011

final cut

thank Dog


  1. OMG Jay, that was a 3-day tile job! Had no idea what I was getting into. Saved some $$, but I lost track of the times I was kicking myself for not hiring it out. Whew! mike

  2. The sense of accomplishment is also a major factor too. Saving money is a huge deal, but I like knowing that I did it myself. I re-roofed my own house... complete tear off and re-shingle... talk about a huge project.

  3. Ego boost today as Mrs Wulff showed off our progress to like everyone in the neighborhood. We received many kudos on the floor, which I admit had me beaming. Roof tear off + re-shingle, I cannot imagine. Based on my pains from this project, I'd prefer to fall off a roof than re-roof it! ;-) mike