Sunday, December 11, 2011


The kids and I finally made it out to the North Valley bike park @ 4th & Alameda.

Oh, it's been open since around September.  It's just that I wanted to wait to give those groms ample time to pack that dirt down before I made my triumphal arrival.  ;-)

Now collectively, Team Roughrider has less than a little experience riding skinnies and jumps.  We sampled a bit when last out to Hood River, but most of the features proved more than we could handle at the time.

So I was eager to sample most everything offered and will be the first to tell you I need to build up the ole skillset to keep 'airing' those big jumps.  pffffft!

The kids now....

...ducks to water comes to mind.

Awesome sauce.


  1. Looks like lots of fun. I could see where some skillz might be needed to tear through there with any speed.

  2. Indeed. There's a lot of learning available in such a small package. RE: skinnies- I finally made it thru the B line, but the A line is a pretty intimidating 4-5' tall. RE: jumps- we could ride them all, but not like they were intended. I need to stick to the intermediate until I can actually clear the rims in respectable manner. Need another bike!

  3. Mike - this blog rocks! I can't believe I missed it before... -Matt

  4. ha! Heya Matt, thanks for the kudos, but it's clear your recent euphoria has clouded your judgement. or is that the sleep deprivation talkin? ;-) thx for stoppin by! mike