Wednesday, January 11, 2012

hero dirt

The trails are dry. 
Thank dog almighty the trails are dry! 

Have not had a meaningful ride in like 3 weeks what with first snow, then ice, then soul-crushing mud clogging our local singletrack. 

And then there's me all kitted up with my new Christmas swag and nowhere to ride. Ouch is right my friends :-/ 
awesomeness: new saddle
But today 01.11.12, precisely @ 12.20 local time, our mud finally gave way to our version of hero dirt- where the tread is firmly bedded down yet still retaining that schweet, schweet tackiness of recent moisture now past. Makes for blasting runs and carving turns like an absolute Pro. 

Or so I've heard anyway. ;-] 

So I borrowed some time @ lunch today to reacquaint my legs, lungs to that distant concept that is mountain biking. Legs cooperated, but the lungs were still in holiday mode, complaining on every climb. Still, hardly a soul on the trails but me and those guys from the Black Keys belting out Lonely Boy on every turn and run. 

And with each climb done, the downhills await!- all pain promptly forgotten. 

And forgiven. 

Man! but sometimes I do luv dirt.


  1. single track and black keys, shweet. I have an older trek i'm thinking of giving new life as a single track. Cheers!

  2. Hi John! I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder- been out three times this week, awesome. With nothing but yellow orbs in the forecast for the foreseeable future, hoping that holds true into next week. RE: resurrecting the Trek, get that thing tuned up, slap on some new treads, get on out there! Thx for checking in~ mike