Sunday, July 29, 2012

sandia peak epic

It would appear last weekend in Taos took a toll on Team Heitman that lasted into yesterday's sandia peak xcountry race. Caroline placed 4th, much to her disappointment after placing 1st in Taos.

Will the Thrill returned to racing after finally getting over his second set of stitches this summer. Those switchbacks on the course really worked him over. To his credit- he refused to bail and raced better on his second lap around- good job lil buddy!

As for me, I was not feeling it either and quickly bailed from competition to instead chaperone a struggling WTT around the course. Made for a fun coupla laps with my boy rather than another sufferfest I apparently did not need. :-)

Kids still sleeping here at 9am, guess that tells me something huh?


  1. Nice Mike. Your priorities were in order. It's fun to see folks outdoors as a family.

    1. Lot of biking this summer- will be interesting to see what's on the blog next summer, thx for hangin in there Howard!