Sunday, August 26, 2012

dream on

So on my way back from Otero yesterday I took some time to hone my trials skilz in and around the old mill.

Wait, why is it I'm riding around on a Mongoose?  Oh yeah, I guess that's not me after all.


Maybe I should try my hand at something I don't suck at, ya think?

Through the mill from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Me? I'm prowling around our neighbor to the north chasing cutts for the benefit of this here blog. See?  Always a Giver!


  1. I wrote my first sympathy at age 62. 15 Whining violins crying, "I don't fish like I used to." Oh wait...nice video. I don't ride like I used to either.

    1. 'sup Howard! Yeah I use that snarky tag whenever I post someone else's awesomeness leaving me feeling like a textbook slacker. And no, outside of the kids, I am under no illusion I will achieve anything likened to a Great Work. C'est le vie.