Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Area 51: Shimazaki Dry Shake

Shimazaki Dry Shake- it's not just for breakfast any more!

Been a while since I added a product review to the Area 51 vault.  Also been meaning to get the Word out there on one of my favorite fly fishing products: Shimazaki Dry Shake.

What's the deal you ask?  Well for one, Shimazaki has been simply THE best dessicant + dry fly floatant on the market for years now.  

When you're trying to pick your way thru those pesky juvenile brookies to set up that one shot at that ginormous cutty working the head of the pool, Shimazaki's got yer back.  Fly all gummed up after repeated dunkings on brookie dinks, just pop the fly into the container, shake for 20 sec's, blow off excess, and get back into the fray. 

Shimazaki as a dessicant immediately removes all moisture from a soaked Royal Wulff, and that's sayin something if you've seen my ties.  Works so well, I often return with dry, cracked skin on my left hand from the blown excess and  repeated use over a day's fishing.

Shimazaki also coats your fly with a silica powder that repells water, keeps that Royal Wulff floating thru repeated casts, and on thru at least a coupla fish I kid you not.

But that's not all, oh no.  See, Shimazaki works equally well as a dessicant for Royal Wulffs and iPhones both.

Hypothetically speaking now:
Say you're in the midst of God's green acres, iPhone safely tucked away in your new waterproof wader pocket.  Say you bark the holy sh#t out of your shin, tripping over a submerged boulder while stalking said ginormous cutty, faceplant squarely into the tail of the pool.  Fast forward an hour later- cutties all safely released, the hatch died back down, you finally get to thinking about refueling on that PBJ.  Wondering just what time it is anyway, you unzip that new waterproof pocket only to find your iPhone swimming in an veritable liter of water.  For at least an hour, ferchrissakes.

Well should this happen to you (still speaking hypothetically now) simply dump your Shimazaki into that empty reel bag, toss that phone in there, wade back into the fray.

Once back home, first safely mediate your (hypothetical) long overdue phone call home, and use the land line to call off the sheriff dept's (hypothetical!) search for your vehicle initiated by your (not-hypothetical!) adoring wife as a consequence of your (again, hypothetical everyone!) long overdue phone call home.  Once you've made your (hypothetical sad face) bed on the couch, add some rice and another old canister of good ole Shimazaki to the mix, let that sit for a bit.

Come 48 hours, dust off the phone, plug the charger back in, and Voi LA!  Back to surfing your favorite college football sites in no time.

6 weeks later, iPhone still functioning, Mrs Wulff is now also a big fan.  Of the Shimazaki that is, if not this particular Royal Wulff just yet.  Still a bit too early to joke about I guess, yeesh, some people are sooo sensitive.

So Shimazaki?  Give it a try!  On dry flies at least. ;-) 
soooo totally worth it.   just sayin~
EDIT: Mrs Wulff now advising I must come clean on this issue, sigh.  OK here goes:
  • Yes, I faceplanted, tore a hole in my new waders for good measure.  I blame my laser-like focus in pursuit of worthy adversary!
  • Yes I did soak the phone in the manner described above.  My PBJ too! (sad face)
  • Yes my failure to call home triggered somewhat regrettable call to Sherrif's Dept to search me out, lo siento kindly deputy! 
  • No, Mrs Wulff did not kick me to the couch. For the life of me, I don't know why not.
  • Yes Shimzaki rescued a soaked phone, said phone still working as I write this.
  • Yes, Shimazaki is awesome, and no, I was not paid to say that.
  • Yes, I did bag that ginormous cutty
  • And finally, yes, it was indeed all sooo totally worth it.  ;-)


  1. I smell a rat...or maybe it's a wet cell phone huh?

    1. Hypothetically, if any of the above were true, I would hypothetically be a shimazake fan for life....

  2. What if I'm (hypothetically) confused?? Seriously though, two thumbs up on the dry shake. My dries are treated with "Water Shed" at the vice (still up in the air about it). On the river, they get "Gink". Once they get waterlogged, full of moss, or (ideally) slimey from fish, a rinse and a few seconds in the "Dry Shake" gets them back as good as new. My bottle has no powder left, but even the larger remaining pieces desicate the fly very well.

    I guess the moral of the story is - it pays to invest in a comfortable couch!

    1. awwright already! edited for truthiness abov- mjh