Friday, November 16, 2012

good morning!

In a profession fueled by coffee, you know you've reached the pinnacle of your avocation when you finally churn your own espresso at the office.


Rank doth hath its privileges.


  1. Did you buy that calculator before-or-after the Carter Administration?

    1. Hey now don't be hatin. I'll have you know that is indeed a holdover graduation gift from undergrad- ft-inches calc. What now 22 yrs already? Now I just feel old, thx for that! ;-)

  2. LOL my friend. Actually I should have picked on you about the tape measurer - the cool kids use laser measuring devices now. Or maybe perhaps the architects ruler? In the age of electronic diagrams? ;-)

    I recently walked through a renovation project with an architect who took notes on his Iphone....I wanted to beat him.

    P.S. I have a friend in KC still producing hand developed mechanical drawings - with more detail than anything a tech with 8 hours in AutoCad can offer.

    How the hell did we get to be the relics? Remember those luddites before us?

    1. well sure, tech has its place aka sketchup in lieu of chipboard, Revit in lieu of Acad in lieu of mylar. Tech still has its limits- namely 200MB Revit files tied to a server. So yeah, no tech can yet replace the basic tools of our trade- architect's scale, red pen, and yes, calculator.

      Just don't tell that to those youngsters on the team. ;-)