Sunday, January 27, 2013


Woo, it's been a while since we four were on a ride together.

This last storm brought a much-needed January thaw to our high desert, leaving temps into the high 50's, tacky trails in its wake.

With the sun's warming rays streaming through grey scudding clouds, it proved just a perfect day to shrug off the winter doldrums, celebrate the outdoors once again.

Our shakedown cruise was not without its challenges- Will drew first blood in his Christmas clipless setup, taking a timber just sitting there taking a breather. Sweetness kept dropping her chain, took me half the ride to get that figured out.

Foibles aside, the weather remained beyond beautiful, and we found yet another Secret Stash, hidden right under our noses these many years.


  1. Awesome! I miss those trails this time of year.

    1. Thx Matt. ABQ remains a great winter haven for dirt merchants, dontchaknow. You get tired of that cold white stuff up in DGO...head down the road to Moab. :-)