Saturday, March 30, 2013

we're not gonna go home, bro

Michigan Wolverines let their play do the talkin and steal the win from a senior-laden, smack-talkin, dong-punching team of Kansas Jayhawks.

4 secs left in regulation, Trey 'we're not gonna go home, bro' Burke drains a 3 from the next county and seals the 14-point comeback to send it to OT.

That's how you do it right there.


  1. Well, that's okay, but how's the fishing?

    1. I'm sure the fishing is off the hook, somewheres or other. As the wise man once said, man cannot live on fish alone, amirite? Round here that means lots of mountain biking, soccer, ncaa hoops. Still, I sense pre-runoff trip in my near future, fingers crossed my friend! Mjh