Monday, April 8, 2013

keep calm

that is all~


  1. As a Notre Dame fan I can't say I was rooting for your maize and blue last night, but my goodness those two teams were trading heavy weight punches last night. Best finals game that I can remember. Burke got screwed on that crucial shot block call but it may have been over at that point anyhow. How did that game not end with a score of 120-118?

  2. Re: slugfest- I know right?! With the immediate pain somewhat dulled, I can agree that was a fantastic game, stellar play on both sides. Now the wait begins to see who will forgo the draft & return. Looks like Coach is already reloading for next season, next season looks to be another barn burner.

  3. I kept thinking Webber would call a timeout toward the end. ;-)

    Next year should be the season for the big M. Had to be a nice surprise this year though to make the title game.

    1. Me too! What a ride, fun to have a rooting interest in basketball again. It's been a long hard road for the program. M