Friday, June 14, 2013

coming up roses

So this week we sold our house.

And then bought a house.

Kids both podium'd at Oso High's xcountry race.

And now it's thunder-showering at la Casa de Heitman for the second day in a row. In what is seasonally the driest month of the year. During a hundred year drought no less.

Yeah I'd say that was roses.


  1. Congrats on the move Mike. Congrats as well on having kids that know how to hammer the pedals.

    Up here in SF, we stood at our window for several minutes and watched the rain fall as though it were snow. Transfixing.

    1. Hahaha- funny I know. You'll know a New Mexican by the way they celebrate water falling from the sky- a gift from the gods. Our kids remember fondly the time they spent back in MI- where it rained an entire week. How crazy was that, raining an entire week? ;-) m

  2. I guess it's the good living Mike. Where are you now?

    1. Hi Howard! Oh we're still kicking around ABQ, our roots are running deep here in the 505. We're just moving into something a bit bigger to let this growing family spread out a bit. Seems we like projects- no sooner do we finish this house than we're off on another home improvement adventure. Wish us luck! M