Thursday, October 17, 2013

viento encantado

dawn patrol
Had to opportunity to hook us up with the pilots and crew of the Viento Encantado balloon the last day of ABQ's Balloon Fiesta.

envelope training

Can't say enough about the hospitality everyone extended the kids and I.  If you have not yet experienced crewing a balloon, you'll find the entire community vibe second to none.

pilot's briefing

lot to learn

we have a go for launch


just as much for me
Many thanks to Russ, Clark, Aileen for having us out, showing the kids the ropes, literally, about the backstory launching and recovering a hot air balloon.   Quite something to witness the synergy between pilots, crew, balloon first hand.



  1. As I've mentioned, I love to watch balloons but You'd have to knock me out to get me in one. They go up and they go down...I get it.

    1. Hmmmm....not what I was goin for here. [changing subject] Hey how's the fishing up there? ;-) M

    2. I am with Howard on this one. Fascinating to look at but the only way you'll see me in one of them is if....well there really isn't any way.

  2. gentlemen, gentlmen of the jury! I present to you the final piece of evidence, proof positive there's most likely something underlying the experience that's overlooked by the casual observer. If pictures paint one thousand words, you need to look no further than the snapshot of my darlin girl's face. Gentlemen, I rest my case. All in good fun, fellas- ;-) M