Sunday, March 9, 2014

good morning!

The storm has passed, Spring is nigh upon us!


  1. Great blog! I found it through AZ Wanderings' post on the San Juan a while back. I also fly fish and mountain bike as my two primary hobbies, so I have enjoyed going back and reading your posts. I noticed you are located in Albuquerque- I too am located in Albuquerque, having recently relocated from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I was in law school at UofM. Then I noticed you are also a Michigan alum! Small world.

    -John Pray '13

    1. Mom? Is that you April foolin me again? ;-)

      Alright Anonymous- if you are who you say you are:

      Ann Arbor: name A2's best breakfast joint. Wrong! Angelo's.
      UM: what QB is likely to start for our beloved wolverines this next season? Wrong! Speight- you can take that to the bank ;-)
      MI: what is the worst state evah? Wrong! TX remember you live in NM now.
      MI flyfishing: what is the greatest hatch? Wrong! May Hendricksons on the Au Sable. Cause I say so.
      MTB: your favorite trail network in NM? Wrong! Otero, it's everyone's fav.
      NM flyfishing: where is your favorite spot for cutties? No, srsly, you could send me a google earth link. ;-)
      NM: red or green? It's all good JP, welcome to NM my friend! Mike

    2. Ha ha.

      Ann Arbor: I do like the corned beef hash at Angelo's but I think Café Zola is better! I know this is borderline heresy.

      UM: I remember watching Devin Gardner's first pass in Michigan Stadium, at the spring game a couple of years back, and it was a really ugly interception. I'm not sure he ever recovered. Though I don't like to talk bad about him- he definitely showed grit at times. Regardless of whether it's Devin, Shane, or WIlton, I'm just glad to have Nussmeier.

      MI- I don't think I've been here long enough to pick up on the dislike toward Texas. Unless you're talking about food (it certainly isn't a university rivalry!)-I have definitely heard people here disparaging Texas for its food.

      MI flyfishing- Not going to argue with that, but I also had a lot of fun throwing streamers for smallmouth in the Huron!

      MTB- I really need to get out to Otero. My wife recently picked up mountainbiking so we have been taking it slow in the foothills.

      NM flyfishing- I have never caught a cutthroat! Though I've only been in the state for about 6-7 months now, so there is time. I have been up to the San Juan a few times and the Lower Red once, but that's about the extent of my western flyfishing experience. Looking forward to a lot more this spring/summer. Thinking about doing a half day on the Jemez this weekend.

      NM- Green chile cheeseburger at Five Star Burgers (Taos or Albuquerque).

      If I see someone with a Michigan hat on the trails/streams I will be sure to say hello!


    3. Just joshin ya JP, hope to see you around the footies, or up Otero way. Go Blue! M