Saturday, August 29, 2009

In The Fly Box: Elk Paradrake

This installment features a big fly with a blend of influences: the basic pattern from Fly Fisherman Magazine's pattern archives, quill body technique by AK Best. I tie it in various sizes from #12 down to #18. 12's and 14's rule the roost on my favorite waters where you often find matching naturals in brownish-olive and grey throughout the summer.

Works well to match those mysterious red quills we have in northern NM, when tied in pinkish-brown.

Quill body to your liking, light colored yearling elk tied for the post, grizzly hackle to match body, bit of antron or moosetail for the shuck. When dressed with Dryshake, it'll float like a boat in pocket water, serves as an excellent emerger and searching pattern in one fly. Tie it on!

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