Monday, August 24, 2009


When I die and they lay me to rest...I'm gonna go to the Place that's best...
I dunno about you guys, but I'm fairly certain it's a high country stream loaded with cutthroat trout on the rise. :-P

Tody, I'm honored to present another installment of Peabody award-winning videos brought to you by the fine folks at Royal Wulff Productions. I luv those guys! Video's cobbled together from a compendium of trips in search of wild cutthroat of the most colorful and (feisty!) variety. I'm hereby exhausted of vid footage!

So plug in some earbuds, crank the vol to 11, sit back and enjoy! You can't get that on Youtube-

cutthroats from ABQ RoughRiders on Vimeo.

double-click vid frame to expand to fit your screen, find it here for mid-sized frame via Vimeo.

(in the second sequence glory pool, look for up to 4 cutts: lower right was the Big Fella (caught him allright! 14", sweet), lower left fronting submerged boulder (rises 0:34), mid left (dark), another that comes & goes hard to catch.) Caught 4 fish from this single pool via dry and dropper.

captura y libera, mis amigos!