Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas pudding

Road ABQ Foothills South today, along with everyone else it would seem! Rarely do I see the TH so crowded, cars lining both sides of Copper, guess everyone has the same idea about workin off that Christmas pudding. Cut my usual ride back a bit due to late start, wind chill , general cookie season malaise.

The snow we received last Wed could still be seen sticking to the north slopes, the trail offered plenty of snow and ice-packed stretches to keep your speed honest.

Managed to break in one of my favorite gifts as well- one of those sweet 1/4-zip merino wool pullovers that seem to be all the outdoor rage these days. Must say, it is indeed a sweet piece of gear, thx to Mrs Roughrider, think I'll keep her around. ;-)

All-in-all it was a beautiful ride, looking forward to more of the same tomorrow~

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