Monday, December 21, 2009

once I was king...

Desperation struck precisely at 2.30 today, snapping me out of my reverie to realize I was jammin' to an old favorite college beer-swilling anthem: Led Zeppelin's Fool In The Rain. A song of brotherhood, of freedom, of beer hall revelry for my college buddies and I. It wasn't the song itself mind you that jarred me to the bone, rather the bitter irony of my current circumstances: on hands and knees, toilet brush in hand, scrubbing away under the withering gaze of Mrs Roughrider. In Mrs Roughrider's defense, I will concede I had relinquished all hand in the matter, as it was my parents whose imminent Christmas week arrival had indirectly contributed to my temporary incarceration~

60 degrees outside, sunny skies, not a breath of wind, the foothills beckoning thru windows newly cleaned, yet there I remained imprisoned, sentenced to labor of the most egregious sort. First windows, now this. How did it ever come to this.....?

Once I was king...

...and eventually paroled with today's ride finally fulfilled, am once more again.

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