Saturday, September 11, 2010

'let's go'

On the last drive, what did Denard say in the huddle? "He just said 'let's go,' and once he said that, I was like 'big players make big plays,' and that's what we did."

UM's QB Denard Robinson takes it to the house in Notre Dame stadium- leads 70 yard drive throwing 5-5 and runs to score game winning TD with 30 secs on the clock.  All told, 502 yds combined total offense & 3 TD's in UM's 28-24 victory. Those are DRob's statistics.

Oh. My. God.

With over 800 combined yards in just 2 games,  you might wanna set your DVR's this season, DRob's gonna set college football's world on fire.

Go Blue!

edit: my apologies to ND fans, you'll want to look away.  Zapruder-style vid of UM's game-winning drive from field level behind end zone.

Like a relentless tide rolling in.


HT: MGoBlog

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