Monday, September 20, 2010

season's end 2010

Brought the boy up for one more fishing adventure before the high country season draws to a close.  

We chose a familiar locale, convenient to aspens and cutthroats both.

high sticking

Low water + fishing pressure the day before made for catching a good deal tougher than otherwise desired, we mostly tag-teamed each cast to make the best of it.

 Dad casting in, the boy taking care of business from there on out.

bringing the heat
the release
We landed some fine-enuf specimens, although not near what yesterday's lucky angler surely brought to hand.   Well, I guess you gotta dance with the girl what brung ya, huh?

big male
Catching aside, the fishing proved absolutely stellar, much as I had hoped for the lad.  Temps up to around 70, not a breath of wind, endless cobalt skies capping the waves of brilliant gold cascading down the steep slopes.  Sigh...a sight to behold alright.

meadow hike
Down below, the deep canyon remained in twilight all day, the sun cutting the rim but in a few places only.  

dark canyon
Made finding the fly a chore in itself, our stalking constantly interrupted with '...can't see the fly, can you?....wait- is that it?...' from both of us in just about every pool.


It was gratifying to see the boy's skills progress, 

...catch a familiar gleam in his eye as he recounted one tale or another from our last visit up this way.

autumn gold
dos amigos

Building memories.  

For both of us, really.

 I call that a day's good work, done.

local wildlife


  1. Mountain bike ride by morning, lunch, and break out the waders and fly rod for an afternoon session throwing big, bushy attractor patterns. Sign me up!

  2. hey Randy, received your email, will have something out for you in the morrow- need to dig it out of my garmin.

    Oh and as for the best of both worlds you cite above, we did manage a trip much like that up Durango way in June. Yep, DGO has it all my friend: