Saturday, October 23, 2010

in between

Seems we're into that in between season around here. 

NM is quickly transitioning from one of its more colorful seasons, our brief high desert splendor replaced by tans of all varieties as everything begins to hunker down for the winter season.

desert tan, adobe tan, straw tan, tawny tan, khaki tan, sandy tan, you get the picture...
In keeping with our meme, seems my Wolverines were in between games on a bye-week, leaving me with no college football attachments today, bummer.  Spent some time tracking the scores of UM's rivals in between soccer games, no good news to report there, sigh.

The bye week and soccer games did align properly, thankfully enuf, to permit a quick tour of ABQ Foothills South in the AM.  My ride alternated in between sun and clouds, as the remnants of this week's storm continued to stack up on the peaks and ridges above.  Down below, temps proved crisp, but the sun remained warm on the face.  And the trail- nice and tacky from last night's rains, schweet.

Great day for a ride.
another wayfarer
It was snowing today up in New Mexico's high country, looks like fall sits squarely in the rear view mirror, with winter now fast approaching.

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