Saturday, June 5, 2010

Area 51: field testing the yeti asr5

Demo'd a Yeti ASR5 today, with an eye towards upgrading my two-wheel drive.  My impressions- Holy Smokes!  Don't believe the Man when he says it's not the bike, it's the rider.  That must only apply for those who've won 7 Tour de France or something, cause the 5 was simply stellar this AM.

The ASR5 tips the scales a full 7-8 pounds lighter  (29#) than my current xcountry/AM hybrid- I could feel it throughout the entire ride.  Believe it or not, the 5" travel 68d headtube climbs better than my current 4" travel 70d headtube ride, even better when you flick the Fox RP23 propedal on- partly on account of the 7 pounds I'm thinking.

As for the downs and steeps, jeezopete I couldn't believe it!  You read about how this or that bike is like riding on rails, now I know what they're talkinaboud!  The extra inch of travel feels like a whole another dimension than my current rig, I was carving turns and blasting thru rockgardens at speeds I simply could not match on my current ride.

Loved it!  Testing the 575 tomorrow- 575 is purpose-built for more aggressive riding with its 5.75" of travel, wondering if that's just a bit much for my riding preferences.  Can't wait for the second stage of the great Yeti Shootout!


  1. Hi Mike,

    I do enjoy your blog, i found it in my search for review info on the Yeti ASR5.
    This is quite unique, a combination of the good things in life, fly fishing, good coffee and beautiful imagery.

    A question, I have shortlisted the ASR5 as a potential new purchase, I have read many reviews and believe that it will suit the terrain i ride and my personal style/requirements. Assuming that you received your ASR5 a year ago and have I hope been enjoying it, are there any key points good/bad that you would add to your current Yeti Shootout results..?

    I would be grateful for any relevant comments you might choose to add.


  2. Well one thing that rises to the top for sure- the ASR5 loves to fly. You can feel it on any berm or bump, just give it a lift or pump and you'll catch a bit of air. Pre-load your suspension as you hit, lift and you'll catch BIG air. It has increased my jumping ability 100%. The ASR5 remains very reliable, no shop work to date except work on my 2 year old brakes that I transferred over. I did wrap the chainside swing arm with framewrap, having noticed some chips in the carbon from chainslap. FWIW, a few of the shop guys have since picked up the ASR5 also, a couple are on the 2011 575, so both remain popular rides. I'm into my second set of tires after 8 months, I luv this bike!