Sunday, April 3, 2011

through the lense

Been a bit slow on the fishing front lately, what with springtime winds, yardwork, work stuff. 

To help rekindle the stoke, I humbly tender some doctored shots from my last San Juan trip.  

 All photos courtesy Ben @,

.....shamelessly doctored by yours truly.


  1. I dig them. I really like the second one where the black and white fades to color. Nice work Mike...

  2. Did you give that 3rd one a smile? Also, on a side-note, have you ever wondered why fish stare at the water when you pull them out a bit?

  3. thx Ben, hoped you would!

    @BCFN- he does look like a happy fish, huh? As for the 'stare'- I always figured it was a laconic upside down eyeroll, at having been caught by such an unworthy adversary. ;-)

    thx for stoppin in fellas!

  4. Just found your blog. Way cool combination of passions. Thanks!

  5. Heya Todd, one of em's sure to be the death of me one day. Fingers crossed! ;-)