Saturday, April 23, 2011

bwo day

What a day! Snowed most the day, still snowing @ 6pm. Did I mention I'm camping? Or that I forgot my gloves? Insult, meet injury: took 2 dunkings & tweaked my ankle.

That said, ~12-15 landed, LDR'd 3 big fellas- woooot!  Just finished stalking risers on schweet BWO hatch. Here's hoping more o the same tomorrow!


  1. I didn't really look at this fish until just now... Is it just me, or does that fish look to be a little over a year old? Tiny head, giganto body, its cheeks even look fat! Nice catch Mike!

  2. this particular beauty was right around 14", noteworthy as she was so blissfully unaware as she sipped my dry. Luv that! mike