Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It rained over la casa de Roughrider this evening, thank Dog.  The kids celebrated by splashing in the gutter, stopping now and again to turn their faces up to the sky, letting the shower soak them to the bone, washing that drought away.

looks like our monsoons have finally arrived
Mrs Wulff and I celebrated with a margarita on the back porch, enjoying the cool breezes and earthy aromas that lingered afterwards.

Such is life in the high desert.

Nice to have it back.


  1. My family called me just to tell me that it was raining. I think everyone down there is breathing a sigh of relief. I am, and I don't live there.

  2. David- we were beginning to panic a bit down here- AZ and CO seemed to have jumped the gun, monsoon-wise, leaving NM in the dust. Literally. High pressure has finally moved eastward- hot weather for rest of the country but finally allowing monsoons to move into the state. Whew.

    Richard- it has been a squirrelly year for weather all over it would appear.