Saturday, July 23, 2011

ten and two

La familia arrived back from an extended visit in the Great State of Michigan, Team Roughrider's ancestral fishing grounds.  While there, Grandad helped the kids build their new rods- schweet lil 4wts with custom marbled epoxy guide wraps.  marbled?  seems all the hip kids are doin it these days :-)  I matched the gifts with a new Okuma reel and line for the boy's birthday.

We spent some time practicing ten-and-two in our casting pond out back.  The boy was nailing soccer ball trout before you knew it.

With the return of NM's monsoons, the national forests are opening back up, thank dog.  Got a lil trip planned for tomorrow to celebrate.  Wooot!


  1. I bet the kids were thrilled that Grandad was helping them make their very own fishing rods. I like the marbled look! The marbled look makes it look cool for the kids, don't you think? lol

  2. oh the kids absolutely luved the idea of personalizing their own rods. Completed projects cast as well as they look too! mike