Sunday, August 21, 2011

disciples of dirt

Yeah, fishing plans were displaced this weekend, whatchagonnado. 

So this Dad broke the glass on Plan B.

 Time to put all those recent field explorations to good use.

You know the feeling- you find that one serene fishing pool, that one buff mtb trail.  

And you file the moment away to share with someone special.

Not with just anyone mind you. 

 Oh no, we're talking the top One-Percenters here. ;-) 
In this case, fellow disciples of dirt.

Love those guys.

I surely do.

Special thanks to StageWest for sharing recent trail beta allowing me to pay it forward to the next generation of riders.


  1. hey thx DB, appreciate the read! mike

  2. Those kids are already rock stars on the mountain bikes!! Wish I had started riding that young...

  3. dunno bout 'rock stars', surely rock stars tho ;-) And I hear you bout starting young, to think where we'd be by now. Ah, youth was wasted when I was young.