Tuesday, August 9, 2011

notes from the field

Spent some more time exploring Otero-David canyon this weekend.
greening back up!
Strung together an 18-mile loop despite a most excellent 16-mile gps track from Stagewest.  For the uninitiated, it's waaaay too easy to get lost out there.
siesta at mile 9

Which proved a big, big ride for this hombre, what with most all the technical stuff showing up at the tail-end of the loop.  Thx for that SW, I owe you one my friend!  No really, I OWE you one. ;-)
fuel for the two wheel drive
Sheared the front valve stem off at mile 14, promptly suffered fleeting panic at the thought of my camelbak empty with no spare tube.  Frantic search, yes!, my spare remained stowed safely away this past year or more, just waiting to be called to duty.  Thank dog!

fortune smiles on the prepared
Made it back to the truck, camelbak drained, after 4.5 hours in the field. 

temps into mid 90's, luving the ponderosa canopy
Sank deep into the front seat, A/C blasting, totally and absolutely smoked.

Back in town my refueling and refitting went something like this:
  1. Keva Juice, small, with kevajizer
  2. Purchase replacement tube, thornproof, slimefilled, promptly stowed away for next emergency
  3. nectarine, perfectly ripe
  4. banana, slightly bruised
  5. rice bowl complete with stir fried veggies, BBQ chicken.
  6. nap
2 hours later:
  1. three pieces Pizza 9, delux
  2. bowl of apple crisp cobbler
  3. family movie night and to bed by 9
Man that was fun!


  1. I used to live off Whippoorwill Lane, in the Raven Road area - used to ride down Otero, out to Cedro, up to Sandia Park, then back down to home…good stuff.

  2. hey Sinjin, been following your journey for a while now- great to see a fellow mtb/long rod enthusiast. Check out Sinjin's Rides and Rivers @ http://www.ridesandrivers.com/ mike

  3. Mike,
    Glad you got to explore out there! That loop would make an excellent marathon XC race course eh? 3 loops of that would make a pretty long day in the saddle for most of us :)

    BTW-I know that Sinjin guy above and glad to have the link to his blog! A bunch of us went to the Fruita Fat Tire Festival years ago and Sinjin was tasked with calling one of the guys wives from the ER to explain how his arm ended up in several pieces......good times!

  4. Still waiting on doing the West Fork, North Mancos to some ripping Metrics sound track this year, near the Animas.

    But this looks almost as good.

    Randy Boy.

  5. hey emb- thx for checking in! mjh

  6. Chris- good times, good times- that cracks me up! Small world huh?

    Randy: how's the cutthroat chasing been this season? Keep that Mancos ride on your life list, sooo totally worth it!