Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Much has been written to celebrate the notion of Home Waters.

Their reliability, their familiarity.

Their ability to welcome one, well, home.

This water I Know, like no other.

I know her faces- Spring, Summer, Fall.

I know her siblings, her children. 

I know her moods- Impatience, in the mad rush of spring.  Generosity, in the verdant days of summer. 

In autumn- Resplendence.

Sunday, as I most often do with each passing of the high country season, I paid my respects.  And once again, sated with the day's fishing, I found myself strolling over familiar ground, fly firmly hooked to keeper.  

Awash in the sensations of autumn in the high country.

Until we meet again.


  1. Great photos RW. I'm heading up to the rim here in Arizona this weekend, even though the leaves have not changed here this gets me excited for fall. Also nice fish.

  2. some beautiful browns there. i love me some fall.

  3. hey TR: better get on out there, fall will be gone before you know it!

    'sup Ivan! golden hillsides, empty rivers, big browns- what's not love my friend!

  4. Wonderful photos, and heartfelt sentiments.

  5. thanks Hayden, sitting here wondering if I can make it up again before the snows shut it down. Man, I need help ;-)

  6. Great post and photos. You got a lovely playground there!

  7. Thank Hendrik, it is indeed my favorite place on the planet! Thanks for stopping by! mike

  8. Beautiful photos. Keep 'em comin'.

  9. thanks Jay, that's mother nature's doing I assure you.