Sunday, March 20, 2011

moab marathon mayhem

Race organizers kindly showing my hypothetical time, should I have entered.  Aw, that's so sweet you guys!

Mrs Wulff awoke well before the crack of dawn Saturday in preparation of her second (yes second!) half marathon race.

Mrs Wulff soundly cursing show-offs cheering runners 4290, 2965

Oh yes, she's the designated runner on the team.

And we are all better off for it.  (yes, she's indeed looking over my shoulder as I type this). 

Ahem.  Is she gone?

As I was about to say, Saturday, in the company of 4,999 other dedicated pavement stompers, Mrs Wulff volunteered to run for 2 hours and 10 minutes.  


Without stopping.
mile 13: why is this woman smiling?
hooray Mom!

That's 13.1 miles for the uninitiated.

Good work Hon!   You remain an inspiration to the rest of us layabouts.

Me?  Well, I participated in a little cross-training myself while everyone else ran for like, 13.1 miles.

Like sampling the wares at the Cliff Vertical Rock Face Bar booth.  The new Shot Bloks?  Awesome.  Shot Roks?  Not so much.  Think chocolate covered sawdust.  That's been stomped in the mud, mashed into a dungball by a troop of pre-schoolers.  That comes close- Bear Grylls himself wouldn't touch the stuff.   No, not really Vertical Rock Face Bar attorneys: they were yummy too!

Oh and don't forget slurping yet another Moab latte delicioso.

Moab Aquatic Center, brand spankin new

Or taking pictures of the local architecture.

cool column detailing

Yep, I know what you're thinking: that's a full day right there!  I know! ;-]


  1. kudos to the missus. the only time i have been able to run long distances is when I have had a soccer ball to distract me from the actual activity at hand. Never 13.1 miles though.

  2. I was there, too! (I've been reading your blog for a while - I'm a mountain biking and hiking and running Durangotang. Um, my husband fishes.) Tough day for a half with all that wind. Congrats to her.

  3. Ivan- passed your kudos along to She Who's Earned It, she sends her thx back your way.

    Iliana- ho ho, the kids and I were cheering for ya, cowbell and all! Wait, hoping you are not #4290 or 2965. If so, Mrs Wulff is looking for ya- yikes! ;-] PS- nice 'burg you got there in DGO, luv that town, shorely do~

    thx for droppin in you guys!

  4. I get caught up in the details of architecture too. Nice to know I'm not the only one. That is an interesting post there... simple, yet complex.

  5. an occupational hazard in my case. Terminal, I'm told. ;-)

  6. Out of curiosity, are you being watched by the CIA? Those 2 people in the back of the "hooray mom!" picture look very... Well, I guess you can fill in that blank.

  7. well don't they just look like they ran 13.1 miles in a headwind, the last mile uphill, huh? funny~ mike