Wednesday, February 8, 2012



Yep, my lovely bride and I stole away to recharge some batteries as it were, at Los Poblanos Ranch here in ABQ.

Los Poblanos Ranch is a working organic farm + bed & breakfast + historic cultural center located in some of the most fertile bottomland in the North Valley, adjacent to the Rio Grande river as it flows thru town.  


 Established in 1932-34, apparently as the first Creamland dairy, then as a cultural center under a rather visionary patron of the arts.  

As a cultural center, most of the early architecture was designed by the same renowned NM Revival architect John Gaw Meem responsible for much of the Santa Fe aesthetic you are probably familiar with.  
Many noteworthy artisans and craftsmen of their day lent their skill into the detailing of the complex, on par with that we've seen in our favorite national park projects .
I enjoyed each discovery, much like a kid on treasure hunt.


That attention to art, design, and craftsmanship lives on in the contemporary additions made in recent years.

That said, there is an obvious draw for fans of small regional farmers, organic gardeners, lavender aficionados, history buffs, architecture geeks.

Add to that: any parents happy to place their brood under someone else's watchful care, steal away for a little R&R!

Food for the soul, my friends.



Los Poblanos is often listed as an all-world, top 100 resort, offering first class accommodations, simple yet elegant meals.  

And serenity, let's not forget serenity now.  ;-]

So while this post might not have much anything to do with fly fishing or mountain biking, there's hope I managed to convey this one small counsel:

Take care of the Big Things in life, and the little things will take care of themselves-  some dude.  

Some Very Wise Dude.


  1. Great photos! Looks like quite the place to stretch your legs for a couple of days.


    1. Thx Sanders! Thinking we need to find someplace similar on a trout stream. In MT say. Or WY. or CO. Now that's living!

  2. Royal, don't know what settings you are using on the camera or edit software, but I really enjoy the photos you are shooting lately. Looks like a great place to relax.

    1. thxsomuch Marc! That makes me smile. And yes, I've been trying to up my game a bit pic-wise, so appreciate the kind words. Most are taken with the iphone, but the trade secret is no secret: I use the Camera Plus app to filter in some great effects, sharpen, or punch up the color a bit. mike

  3. I've been there! But it was for work only. Great NM/SW architecture!

    1. I know right?! Need to check it out again during summer...