Thursday, February 2, 2012


I know I'm mired in major deadline mode at work right now, but ye-gads dude!

But everyone knows you can't leave a photo of chocolate chip cookies up to headline the blog for better part of a week.    I mean c'mon now, this aint Pinterest ya know, have some pride man! ;-)

snowshoeing the rim

To set the record straight, we did manage a mini-adventure last weekend, Mrs Wulff hosting a birthday snowshoeing expedition up on our Sandia Crest.  Happy birthday Hon!

Kiwanis Cabin on the point, La Luz trail lower left
that ansel adams- always bloggin'

50* and dry in our foothills at 5200ft; frosty cold, wind-swept and snow-packed at 10,600ft on the crest.

Both a mere 2 miles away one to the other as the crow flies.

Cool beans.


  1. Looks like an excellent day with the fam close to home! Amazing all the great activities we have at our fingertips. Chris

    1. And how many of those activities we take for granted! NM, a state of mind. :-]