Saturday, May 26, 2012


Just when I thought an mtb ride ending at a brewery wuz da bomb, my brother shows me how it's really done up Denver way. Evergreen ride followed by ole fashioned pig roast + keg by Great Divide brewery courtesy those good folks employed by the National Park Service.

My brother? Yah, he's one lucky hombre.

And the pig? He was a good pig, God rest his soul.

Edit: closed our day with spirited round of kick the can. Would say it was like being a kid again but I think I pulled something. Can someone pass the ibuprofen?


  1. Thank god they taste so much better than they look!

    1. Totally off-putting to some- my darlin daughter would have none of it. Good lesson on just where our bacon comes from. Mmmmm bacon.... ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Now I know the answer to how many people a pig will feed- about 60 with a bit left over for pulled pork sammiches the next day~

  3. Kick the Can, or Kick the Old Man? Heal up!

  4. Did that- just in time for Bolder Boulder. Not my best work there but still got it done with near zero training- still got some kick in me yet! :-)