Tuesday, May 22, 2012

blue ribbon

So that's what we're calling this trail?

 'blow chunks hill' must not have fit the sign

Guess the USFS dint take to my suggestion of Blow Chunks Hill. ;-]

Railed it anyway~


  1. I think "Blow Chunks Hill" is a perfectly reasonable name...ha!

  2. I much prefer climbing it, as it beats up my hands and wrists badly on the descent. I've really been enjoying the climbs and descents on the new "west ridge" (rambo), and gnasty w/ a "G" connectors. Good on ya for gettin' out there!

    1. What a fun playground out there, amirite? Lately tried Tunnel, Blue Ribbon, Gnasty, Otero, Tunnel. Then reversed: up west ridge, up gnasty. Yesterday otero, blue ribbon, drop in, turkey trot, david canyon road, otero. Have not yet worked into the conditioning needed to extend that singletrack loop extension west of david, but soon I'm thinking.