Sunday, June 2, 2013

mean season

Our beloved NM high country is reeling from a one-two punch in the Jemez and Sangres ranges.

The Thompson fire NW of Redondo Peak in the Valles Caldera is threatening to complete the devastation started by the 150k acre Los Conchas fire of 2011.

In the Pecos- the Tres Lagunas fire is blowing up, ripping through NM's prettiest trout country as I write this.  Our thoughts are with the home owners, ranchers, fire fighters in harm's way.

For our trout and forests now, it is likely things will never be the same.

Pecos On Fire from Outside Magazine on Vimeo.


  1. Pretty amazing pictures and footage. I love this country and I'm so sorry to see the devastation. I hope things don't get progressively worse before they get better.

    1. Looks like Tres Lagunas is burning mostly eastward, not yet into the upper pecos watershed.