Tuesday, September 17, 2013

dryin out

Measured 4" of rain at mi casa last week, whoa. Never seen the like around here, weather dudes are confirming NM has never seen a wetter Sept (5 days?!) in recorded history. We're thinking of you CO!

In other news almost as big- I wrapped up that yard construction project, Yay, right?Yep, the money's all buried in the backyard, as Mrs Wulff is fond of sayin- sod growing gangbusters, our new beds await spring planting.

Oh, and I also published my largest, like !evah!, project at work, put that puppy on the streets for pricing, whew!

Jeez what a summer...

So ya, finally found time to unleash the Yeti. Found her sitting forlornly in the garage this AM, replete with two flat tires, made me want to cry myself.

So you might forgive me for taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers, it's been too long. M

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