Monday, September 30, 2013


Yep, I caught my fair share after all, on hopper/dropper rigs mostly.  Ran a double nymph rig for some of the big fellas when the creek was blown out. 

Speaking of blown out- I see this particular pair nosing a feeding line at the foot of a pool, maybe 12" down.  I look away to change rigs out, look back up to make my cast, and there's nothing but chocolate milk where white water did flow.  Yep as fast as that, as I'm sure you know.  Spooked myself out of heading into the box, what with that crazy rain in CO fresh on the mind. 

Did manage to top out into that upper meadow before calling it a day.  Trudged back to camp in, you guessed it, a downpour.  

Staring at the prospects of another cold camp, another drenching night, I set my sights instead on that peach cobbler made by that nice Abuela on the road back home.   

Hmmm, my choice was made, and a wise one it proved: read later 2" snow blanketed my meadow that very night.  

the fall backpack 2013 series:
fair warning
elk smoke


  1. You keep posting photos like these and you'll have company camping out in your yard. Beautiful water and fish Mike.

    1. Yep, I do love it up there- thx for checking in H!