Saturday, May 17, 2014

liquidated damages

Tilled, raked, planted our prairie grass meadow this AM. 

Blue grama, buffalo, Indian ricegrass, wheatgrass, sheep fescue, little bluestem, et al. 

Threw down some meadow wildflowers for good measure. 

Just fired up zone número dos on the irrigation controller.   Nothin to do now but just sit back, sip a cervesa, and wait for the show. 

Liquidated damages?  Well it looks like we're just one load of gravel away from Substantial Completion, gonna miss my Memorial Weekend deadline.   Thank goodness I'm my own best client.  

Ain't so bad workin for the Man when you are da Man, amirite?  

8 months from Notice To Proceed, I figure we have somewhere like 22 weekends into this landscape project. To say nothing of those countless hours after work.   

I just counted 13 trees planted, upwards of 30 plants and grasses to date. Add to that- we collectively hauled & shoveled 18cy topsoil, 40cy mulch, 20tons (yes tons) gravel & cobble.  

And you know what?  I'm just a bit tired. ;-)

Thinking some adventure is in order, what say you all?   Maybe Colorado?  Utah hmmmm?  Wyoming?  Let's see where that wind blows~ I'll see youse on the other side, mis amigos. 

Summer 2013:


  1. Absolutely beautiful. When can I move in?

    1. Good morning Howard! I spent the fall-winter trying to carve out a bit of an oasis from the high desert. Your kind words have me thinking I may have pulled it off~ m

    2. Believe it or not, one of the reasons I love that part of country so much is the architecture. It looks like home.

    3. Well I'm no architect, but I gotta agree with you there- NM has it's share of interesting architecture. Hey, wait, I AM an architect! And I still agree with you there. There's this one firm in particular I've grown quite fond of, they're doin some neat stuff these days... ;-) M

  2. Looks great Mike! That's quite a large chunk of space you've got for a yard. I still think you need a casting pond...... ummm water feature in there somewhere.

    1. Thx Chris- there were times when I wasn't sure we'd ever get done. Neighbors must have felt the same ;-)