Sunday, February 7, 2010

cross training

Team Roughrider pounded the pavement under sullen superbowl skies today, our first 5K since Turkey Trekking back in November. The team came w/in a hair's breadth of placing all four runners, again! The kids both led the pack in their respective age groups, Mrs Wulff captured 4th, schweet. Good work team!

As for yours truly, I won my age group for the first time, ever. Incredulously found myself chasing the boy around the entire course, dam he's fast! Every time he'd hear me wheezing up on his heels, he'd interrupt his day-dreaming, glance over this shoulder, give it some gas. Try as I might, I simply could not hang, finishing 15 sec's behind our team speedster.

Did manage to shave like 2 min off my November time chasing Team Roughrider's rabbit, doubly schweet. Now where's my recovery chocolate milkshake? Oh and can I get some Advil with that, Stat?!! ;-]

Bigger things in the works as Mrs Wulff has started training in earnest for her first half marathon in April- you go girl!

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