Thursday, February 25, 2010

target acquired

So I was preparing to sit down and tie some Poundmeisters for this weekend's adventure.  Over dinner the fam was just staring at me awkwardly as I prattled on about my preparations. 'Uh, whazzup?  Someone sick or something?' 

Darlin wife had to break the news about our latest NM weather shenanigans.

T-minus 3 days and counting.

Read: 70% chance of breaking my neck in snow squalls heading down into the Gorge.  Sigh.

Who are you and just what have you done with my NM springtime weather?

Better fugeddaboud any #12 Poundmeisters, realign my expectations for Sunday.  Time to break out the #22-26 hooks, tie up some midges, most certainly some baetis emergers.

those 'Juan fish better get their rest, a storm's blowin in.

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